What Changed?

May 3, 2011
I remember that day we rode the bus together
And you told me to
Look you in your eyes and say that
I didn’t have feeling for you.
I looked and told you,
“I Don’t”
I meant it and mean it now today.
Whenever I see you, I think back to that day
And think back to those feelings.
I wonder
What Changed?

I changed
I grew up, am no longer naïve.
I am no longer impressed with you
And your “I don’t give a d@#m” attitude,
Cause I have that too.
I am no longer in awe of sexy swagger.
I am found someone who does that times two.
I am no longer that girl who admires
Your every move

You haven’t changed
You still gossip like a girl
Why do you tell everything to your crew?
You’re still a liar and a cheat.
I am not stupid; I know that’s not true.
I am still too good for you, you still don’t deserve me.
I can’t believe you left me feeling me blue.

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