This Is Your Stop (Get Off Now)

May 3, 2011
By DravenMoya SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
DravenMoya SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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Next stop is the end of our friendship.
Please exit here...
if you are trifling, rude or fake.
if accepting me is more than you can take.
if you always talk about me behind my back.
if respect for me is something you lack.
if you laugh and kick me when i am down.
if i end up angry when you come around.
if you are never there when it's needed.
if my voice, my needs are never heeded.
if you always remind me of mistakes in my past.
if constantly put my feelings last.
if my time and effort are never enough.

Then get off now this ride is going to be rough.
I want you to leave stop stringing me along.
I am dealing I don't want to add the feeling that I don't belong.
I am carrying a lot of baggage , I can't deal with you too.
So cut your loses, get gone!

Next stop is the end of our friendship.
You are now leaving my life.

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