May 3, 2011
By DravenMoya SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
DravenMoya SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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Live your live to the fullest. Believe in your dreams. Love with all your heart. Appreciate everyone in your world. Love like no one is watching. Find moments to revel in each and everyday.

We were so right.
With you I was at my highest.
I planned our future to be bright.
So in love with our American Dream
2.5 kids, a big house with a picket fence
but something changed and I haven't felt that feeling
since our last arguement,
that night I yelled and said something I didn't mean
that time you hit me and
knocked me out of the love that we kept serene
Our love did an abrupt about face
All that is left is war and anger
The one who brings the most pain wins
This love brought us strength, but we didn't
know what to do with it and even that is gone
Let's hope that it can bring us something to fix this mess
We need courage to go on

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