May 3, 2011
By DravenMoya SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
DravenMoya SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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Live your live to the fullest. Believe in your dreams. Love with all your heart. Appreciate everyone in your world. Love like no one is watching. Find moments to revel in each and everyday.

She get more beautiful with each passing year
I hope she isn't just telling me something I wanted to hear
Be I have been fighting with a pain called ugly
The mix of insecurity and low self esteem threaten to smuggle me

I am my own worst critic, I am seemly not good enough
A mash of imperfection, I am silly, my tone is too rough
my skin too dark, eyes too big, hair too short, too nappy
I turn away from the mirror because the image is making me unhappy
I can't help but wonder would it be different if my skin was lighter, clothes tighter?
If I had a different style, another personality or simply a bigger butt?
Then would I be pretty? Considered sexy...
instead of feeling like a mangy mutt?

After trying all that I can but eventually giving up on being a work of art
I thought a new method, try a new thing, I must feel the part
In a search for that easy breezy beautiful high, I turned to boys
Thinking that if I treat him right, he woild do the same, cherish me like a new toy
But I was broke, this temple ransacked and destroyed

I ended worse than I started, sunk into a deeper depression
I blocked out my pain, stilled believe low self esteem was a silly expression
I thought that I wasn't, couldn't be that sad girl, naw that ain't me
It some friends with tough love to make me open my eyes and see
What I have become, this problem, my mistakes, there is a connection
I am changing . Not perfect or 100% happy but I am getting there by overlooking the imperfections

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