Getting over

May 3, 2011
By DravenMoya SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
DravenMoya SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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Getting over isn’t easy
No trust = no love
Walking out shoulda been breezy
But your smile keeps running through my mind
And I continue to think about you all the time
It’s hard
Because in that short time you left your mark
Try as I might it won’t wash away
I am hating that I wish that I made you stay

“smh bye”
And that should have been it
Right now I want to scream,
"I hate this sh**."
I shoulda done a Keshia and cheated
But I was loyal
Because there were moments were you made me feel royal

Our epic mood swings were a little too much
But that didn’t keep me from wanting your touch
We teeter totted between
Love and hate
And I am thinking a “Drizzy, I miss you” would be great
Or maybe a “hey Mrs.?”
But I had my chance and somehow I lost it
F***!! I lost you
I knew this feeling was too good to be true
…. Or maybe it is a blessing all wrapped up
Just what I need, my stroke of luck
I don’t’ know, kinda don’t care

I just wanna smoke
I gotta lot of you on my mind
But I don’t have the time

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