Teardrops in Our Hands

May 3, 2011
By britishheart1 GOLD, Milton, Massachusetts
britishheart1 GOLD, Milton, Massachusetts
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A long time ago,
in a world like this
I smiled him a smile;
he blew me a kiss.

Then I departed like a wind in autumn
he cried for me, I had lied to him
He was sad, depressed,

I left him there crying
then, I discovered my mistake.
I tried to go back,
but it was too late.

Finally, his eyes shone again for me
dimmer though, from the storm of mine.
I was a blissful sea.
He was gentle, sweet, and very kind.

He left like a wind in may
But I never cried.
I had nothing in my heart to say
and that was the saddest part.

Until a day of light, when I read
the beginning of this poem.
It is a cycle, Him and I.
So I'll never blame him

Now I understand.

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