Army Strong

May 3, 2011
By Anonymous

As you slip into my unforgiving mind
The anger starts to build
My eyes become filled
And the tears take their form.

They take the usual line up with you
A strict form
Stiff upper lip
But ready to fall down my face on command.

They fall on command
But the command is not always for them to fall,
To fire.

Theyre always ready to fire though
A strict line of defense
But sometimes the defense is let down
Because even the strongest of the armies fall.

It is no goal for any army to fall
It’s the last resort
But is an army weak if it falls?
Even if it held strong for so long?

Because of you ma
My heart is surrounded by an army
But sometimes you catch that army off guard.

When that army falls
I have to recreate a new one
Put them through training
So they will hopefully be stronger than the last.

Though each goal of every army that surrounds my heart,
Is to be stronger than the one before
To fight the pain you cause
Will there ever be an army to be the strongest?
And to fight you off once and for all?

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