Failure is the Stepping Stone Toward Success

May 3, 2011
By , Drewsey, OR
We all have heard of failure
But do we truly know what it means
Not until we face it our selves
But we do have an idea
F is for the faults we will make
A is for the awful things that will happen
I is for the injures it will cause to our self esteem
L is for all the learning we will receive from ii
U is for the uniqueness it will cause for each one of us
R is for all the regrets we will want to take back
E is for everything that will cause us to fail
You can’t quit on just one failure
Because your life would be a failure
Without failure woulddn’t have success
Without success woulddn’t be living on this earth cause
S is for the stars we see when something good happens
U is for us living on this earth
C is how certain we become after we failed and then suceed
C is for counting that happens before we try again
E is for everyone who is living on this earth with us today
S is for something we did on our own with only a little bit of help
S is for someone brave enough to live past their failure
Without failure or success would all be losers
And as far as we see losers come and go
But winners live until the end

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