May 3, 2011
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Anyone, want to listen?

Can someone hear my cries?

See me searching for the right,

And the wrong?

I suppose not,

I'm only alone,

For a year,

Maybe a life time,

But somewhere,


Someone will listen..........
I find searching brings me only false hope,
That never seems to help

But why can't I just over come everything,
In my past?

It still haunts my sleep,
Giving me nothing but nightmares
I will never over come.

I can ask why,
Over and over again
But what I beg is the reason I do?

Singing, will only bring tears
Writing will only bring more guilt,
Tears and guilt will only bring darkness
That will never go away

My safty place,
My palce to rome
As I please

Sing as I wish
Over come nothing
Leave with nothing but guilt
And dispare
With nothing to show for my time there

What you ask to me
But I yell right back
In the bleak darkness
Of this lonely palce
You've come to kill me haven't you?

You prove me wrong
And I shutter
When everything black
Turns bright
And I run from you
Cause it's the only thing I've ever known

You yell after me
As I run back to my darken courner
Far away from you
T.J what have I done wrong
Where have you gone?
But I do not respond

For I am gone
And Moving on
Never to show
Another tear for you
Or so I hope for me
I'll see you again
But I won't be the same

I'll be healed
Cause time heals all wounds
But some of my wounds will show right on through
Cause they shine like gold
On my pale complection
And just to say I've told you so T.J
But I'm okay for now

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Shadowrider said...
Jun. 19, 2011 at 9:56 pm
This is disturbing, but I can tell it comes from your heart. There were some grammatical mistakes, but over all it's an amazing poem. 
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