Stuck in the Nightmare, Only Now I'm Awake

May 3, 2011
By Brandi101 GOLD, Woodbine, Kentucky
Brandi101 GOLD, Woodbine, Kentucky
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And today, she's stuck in the past

Complete with the nausea, the feel

Even the sickly sweet smell of sweat

Who knew memories could be so real?

So close to tears, but so determined

He's not going to get to her, it's been too long

And yet the images keep replaying

Stuck in her head like a terrifying song

Do you know the true meaning of loss?

Have you ever been robbed of yourself?

Cause to her, he's done all of that

And she was too scared to ask for help

Shame, shame, shame pours

Into her heart, her soul, her mind

And she wishes she could run away

But there's no place for her to hide

Cause today she's stuck in the past

Caught in a web of untold facts

And she needs the return of what was taken

She needs her childhood back

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