We Burned Anything but Steady, and Now We're In Ashes

May 3, 2011
By Brandi101 GOLD, Woodbine, Kentucky
Brandi101 GOLD, Woodbine, Kentucky
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Forget the darkness at our backs
Ignore the warning signs ahead
I want to ignite the fumes dizzying us
And enjoy the clouds you make in my head

Together, we're fire
Beautiful, bright, alive
Flames and sparks everywhere
And tonight, we light up the sky

Apart we're nothing more
Than embers glowing low
We still have some of the heat
But we're dim, and all alone

Sometimes we may run into trouble
But it's only the water at our heels
For something so beautiful, so alive
There has to be a demise, to make it real

We might fade away
And we risk the chance of burning out
But our ending would be better
Than had we gone without

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