April 4, 2011
By XxBreexX BRONZE, Pueblo, Colorado
XxBreexX BRONZE, Pueblo, Colorado
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~You may laugh at me because I am different, But I laugh at you, because you are all the same..~

Crying in the dark, with her broken heart, the girl is all alone, and no one is at home. She's trying to stop herself, but the voices are no help. She's wishing for an angel, but her demons are dragging her down. She's crying aloud...judgemental voices with no angelic noises. She needs help, but not many understand...not on land. Crying in the dark, with her broken heart. No boy is involved, just her low self-esteem. She's breaking herself, and she needs help. Someone save her please? Just anyone. An angel, a saviour? Change her behavior. She's giving into temptation, not much guidance. Too much pressure, and a spoiled amount of leisure. Crying in the dark, with her broken heart...there's no boy involved. Her confidence is shrinking down...It feels like no one is around. Is that a good thing, or is it bad? She doesn't know, but she feels sad. She's in the dark; music in the air. She's debating on whether she should yank her hair. Is she crazy? Mad? Depression is ramped in her hands. This burden is on this girl's shoulders, it's weight is like boulders. Crying in the dark..with her shredded heart.

The author's comments:
Well, please don't judge me. This song is about how I used to feel in sixth grade, and how I'm almost starting to feel like this again, because of LOTS of stress at school, and teen stuff. This is my first time posting something on here too by the sorry if it's not really good.

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