Drama and Heartbreak

May 2, 2011
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Life isn’t meant to go on without some type of drama, or heartbreak. I, myself, have gone through both. The drama comes from all types of jealous females who can’t stand the fact that you do better than them. They hate you because you’re pretty and they want you to fail. They talk s*** behind your back to try and ruin your reputation. One thing I’ve learned is to just let it go. The heartbreak comes from all types who don’t understand their actions. They tell that they love you and that they always will, yet they know that when they say it it’s like dry swallowing a pill. They say that they’ll never hurt you one moment, then the next they’re looking at the girl passing by. They say they’ll never make you cry but they cheat on you and tell lies. They say we’ll be together forever then they break up with you, they think that they are clever. But one thing I’ve learned is to just let it all go.

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