May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

They are thieves and I a beggar, pleading to be robbed. Just a passenger on a train to self destruct, and pretend at playing games. Metal in my mouth and blood in my hair. Have I achieved that forgone spot where there is no heaven, and there is no hell? 

Bass is my heartbeat, and the stars swim in my veins. The glass is passed and my soul goes up in smoke, teach me to feel, teach me to live, to die. Or to dance. My legs are floating and I am flying, coming down hard but I don't care, if it hurts, maybe it'll be real.

Faces swim and laugh at me, at us, we are brothers and sisters, bound by fragile love and hate, we are family, a brotherhood. Moving with the beat and smiling with my feet, you dance and we'll laugh till we bleed. 

But even then that won't be enough will it? To bleed and pulse, alive. We must soar to where we freeze and time will have us caught, a balancing act between lies and reality, right were we like to be. 

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