The Little Dream's Alices

May 2, 2011
By SkyeandRein BRONZE, Moore, South Carolina
SkyeandRein BRONZE, Moore, South Carolina
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There once was a little dream.
No one knew who dreamt it,
And what a small dream it was.
The little dream thought
“I don’t want to disappear,
How do I make humans dream me?”
The little dream thought and thought
And finally had an idea.
“I can make them stray into me,
And then they can create their own world.”
“The first Alice was a woman of the Spade.
She gallantly wielded a sword throughout Wonderland.
She carved a red path wherever she went.
This Alice strayed too far into the forest,
She was imprisoned like a fugitive.
If she had never left that red path,
No one would ever have known she existed.
The second Alice was a man of the Diamond.
He sang beautifully to all of Wonderland.
He sang lovely false notes to all those that could hear,
Telling of a crazy blue world.
This Alice was a man of the rose.
While he sang a song,
A cross-eyed man shot him.
The blood bloomed across his face
Like a red rose.
He was loved but soon was forgotten by all.
The third Alice was a girl of the Clover.
She was cute and sweet in Wonderland.
She could delude all to her beck and call,
And created a strange green world.
This Alice was a country’s Queen.
She ruled in a demented dream
Not wanting to lose to death.
She ruled in her dream forevermore.
Children strayed into the garden
And had a tea party by the roses.
They received an invitation to Wonderland.
The Trump of Hearts.
The fourth Alice was two twins of the Heart.
Their curiosity spread into Wonderland,
Creating many new strange worlds.
The stubborn older sister.
The clever younger brother.
They got the closest to Alice’s Wonderland,
And the first Alice found them.
But in the end,
They never woke up from their dream.
Now they wander Wonderland for eternity.”

The author's comments:
This was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and a song I heard the other day.

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