gone again

May 2, 2011
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Why’d you have to leave again?
Get on that plane and fly away.
Why’d you have to go?

you said you’d be back in time,
You said that leaving was just what you had to do,
I guess that was a lie.

Why couldn’t you just say no?
Why couldn’t you just stay home?

I know it’s your job.
I know you’re doing it for me.

but aren’t I your job too?

Remember when you would come to lunch with me.
Sitting at the little tables in the noisy cafeteria
with all my friends around
It was always my favorite time.

but to be honest,
I’d rather have you here then there.
I’d rather have you see me walk across the stage.
Instead of hear about it

so why couldn't you stay?
Because it was your job
why can’t you come back?
they didn’t make your plans in time

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