The Large White House

May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Driving up and down Maybee Road
It’s the same thing every time.
Looking out the window as we pass the large white house.

Thinking of all the happiness and love that was once inside.
A little girl, playing inside with my older brother
Jumping off the top of the stairs,
So my dad could catch me at the bottom before he went to work.
It was like our daily routine after coming inside from playing on the swings

Driving up and down the road,
Wishing that the past could be the present.
My grandma lived in this large white house.
My dad grew up there,
As did I.

Although happiness came from this house, so did sadness.
Thinking of how things will never be the same,
Never to be little again,
Only to grow old.

This house was my childhood.
Only to lose it when I lost my grandma.
Fixing up this house to sell, I cry.

I cry thinking of what is to happen to the house,
What is going to happen to me?
Not knowing if I could ever love another house so much.
Love it like a mother loves her child.

Driving up and down Maybee Road,
Looking at this house that is no longer mine.
Now with a sales sign in the front yard.
This large white house is more than a house to me.
My childhood, memories to stay with me,
But also to leave with the house.

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