Seasonal Monarchy

May 2, 2011
By Amanda Huffman BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Amanda Huffman BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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The lonely snowflake drifts ever so gracefully from the heavens
Down towards this ever so beautifully painted Earth,
The trees yawn and stretch to the sky
As they awake from their winter hibernation,
Only to be thrown back into slumber from the unforgiving Michigan weather.

The ferocious wind freezes my warm, shuddering skin,
As the sun fights its way through the overpowering, cotton ball kings of the sky.

I lay under the willow I spent my childhood hiding under,
Remembering the long summer days of July,
Where I wish the sun would be overthrown by December’s king,
Where I wish the rain would fall like April’s lonely snowflake.

The dull greens and the earthly browns shiver and dance in the hurling winds,
As I huddle in the warm familiarity of my teenage love,
His arms my shield, my protector.
The evil blustery weather threatens to tear us apart,
Threatens to consume as whole
As the screaming whispers gently blow my hair
And water my eyes like the flowers of May.

I sit and ponder, while I lay and wonder:
How long until Mother Nature comes back to reality
and notices winter is over.
How long until she realizes the vibrant,
Lively colors of April should bloom throughout the state,
And that the sun should retake its position,
As king.

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