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May 2, 2011
By cecrumb BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
cecrumb BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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I am from porch swings, floor vents,
And Christmas lights on trees that never come down.
I’m from good night cream,
Commandant Shlonck and Apple Dapple Wrinkle Dinkle.
The clever imagination of my dad which helped us go to sleep at night.
The cedar tree that fell
And the oak tree that stood
Through good weather and bad.
I’m from Houston and Mayfair Street,
Phosphor and Rosa Ave.
I’m from blue mats and white shoes,
Pom poms and megaphones.
The dedication to a hobby I started when I was seven.
I’m from all-nighters and procrastination,
Helping to form my nocturnal sleeping habits for which I’m well known.
I am from Christmas tea, sugar cookies,
And coca-cola with a straw (coke buddy).
The cinnamon toast is heaven in bread form.
Food which is “good from the first bite to the very last crumb.”
I’m from JUDY and MARY-LYNN
Who are so dear to my heart.
I’m from “stifle thy mouth, thy mouth thy stifle”
“rise and shine” and “quakers, if it’s quakers you know it’s good.”
Quirky quotes which perfectly describe my father’s uniqueness.
I’m from Disney World and the Grand Floridian,
An atmosphere I never tire of.
It is my evacuation spot and my second home I visit twice a year.
I am from Seaside with the family,
Seven Oaks and Merry-Go-Round housed us all.
Nuclear waste, frog in a blender, and fuzzy navel never tasted so good.
The annual attempt of tasting all the flavors never quite works out.
I’m from the cross I wear around my neck,
A special reminder of a grandmother’s love,
And the bible on my bed side table
Keeping the house safe while we’re away.
I’m from fearing the Pink Lady,
The frightening hotel ghost still haunting the halls of the Grove Park Inn,
And detesting red beans and rice, milk, and peanut butter.
I’m from reading The Night Before Christmas for the hundredth time
And singing “Happy Birthday Jesus.”
I am from mining citrine and aquamarine
And hiking up mountains in North Carolina.
I am from singing “Bees in My Lava”
To an audience of stuffed animals, a special Crumb creation which I took great pride in.
Every moment I remember,
I hold dear to my heart.
My life is a web of fond memories I’ll never forget.

The author's comments:
these are little tidbits of information that make up who I am

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