The One who died for me

May 1, 2011
By Elaina Crockett BRONZE, 5A, New York
Elaina Crockett BRONZE, 5A, New York
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There is a song of songs playing within my heart

Within my soul a serenade to lull angels off to sleep

And all creation hum the tune, it's the sounds of Heaven

My redeemer has risen, through his scars we are set free

Do you know the strength of the ocean's mighty tide?

Or the exact amount of constellations in the skies?

What greater love is there, than a man who lays down his life

poured out of His soul everlasting water, meant for you and me

There is a song of songs playing within my dreams

visions of clouds and living colors, rainbows of crested streets

children's melodious laughter, seraphs and cherubs rejoice and sing

the mighty throne of God twinkling with rubies, diamonds and pearls

And to think my Redeemer cares if I am standing before the throne

the Kingdom of my Savior has now become my home

and what's the sound I hear? Of the earth's mighty cry?

praying to be reunited with the One who gave it all?

Who will ever be able to describe the Father's amazing love?

Like rain falling from the sky, or a hurricane tearing down forests

earthquakes that shatter oceans and eclipses to blind the stillness

Who can begin to praise the God who knows all creation by name?

His grace is never ending, when all else fades away

from the lips of the old and young, your children know Your praise

And I scream Hallelujah, I will worship you all of my days

For you are my father, my only hope in an ever-changing world

There is a song of songs playing within my heart

I am but an instrument, to be used by the Living God

out of my fingers pour psalms and hymns yet to be discovered

for eternity I will live, just to bring Glory to His name

He is my Beloved, the lover of my soul

the One who moves my Spirit to tears and He tears down all my fears

I am but an flower in my Father's majestic garden

I'll blow in the wind but my roots are firm

Because I am standing on the foundation of the One who died for me

The author's comments:
I became a Christian recently, and I am just irrevocably, unconditionally in love with God

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