Morning Bird (Song of Pocahontas)

May 1, 2011
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Lover of mine, hair a river at night
skin whiter than snow, by the moon how you glow
I promise to love you, to look past your skin
our fingers meet, where the waterfalls break
Oh how your heart will beat

and pound a tribal song against your chest
as I lay my head upon white flesh and pink undertones
Perhaps in you there are little people dancing around a fire...
I’d let you love me as the morning bird loves the sun

Remember how my toes abided in the sand
the great white ships beckoned to know my name?
My desire is to find the starting line where your people end
and mine begin
so that the villages and cities of this world will feel what I know
taste honeycombs with spoons and wear shoes with wooden soles
All the while humming the songs
of Pocahontas

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