May 1, 2011

Insomnia is the epidemic no pill can quell.

{The days fade into nights and the nights bleed back into days}
Time is just a notion; sleep is a fictional bedtime story.
There is no concept of division, distance, or separation.

{Just isolation}

{I am alone once
The rest of the world is covered
In a thick cloud of

I am the soul floating high

Above the haze, gazing
Down upon the dormant world}

Wishing I could breathe in the same intoxicating cloud,
But I never do.

The matters of the mind that should be
Laid to rest run in circles.

{There will always be another job, another task, another deadline to meet}
Stress devours me like
A fevered disease.

{There is tomorrow's work, the uncompleted of today, and the abandoned of yesterday}

I wish I could scream.

{But the silence is too loud}

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