Love Poem

May 1, 2011
I sit in the dark

And I ask myself

What is love?

What is this intangible thing that haunts me

I wish i could touch it

Embrace it

Whisper to it

And let it know

Without it humans are nothing

We kill for love

We steal for love

We hurt for love

We live for love

I figure that love channels itself

you know?

It doesn't just appear

It breathes itself into others

Into our lungs

Up to our minds

down to our hearts

Encases our souls

When you can say

"I love that person"

You have hit the point of no return

Because those words

Those beautiful words

Aren't supposed to flow with the wind

They are supposed to tie us together

Bind us to that other person

This is the meaning of love

Not "I love you because you love me"

Or " I love you because you're with me"

Because love is unconditional


And unrelenting

" I love you because.....I can't finish this damn sentence"

Love is, in a word, wordless

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