Never Apologizing for What I Won't Change

May 1, 2011
By sara_elaine23 PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
sara_elaine23 PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Im so sorry.

Im sorry i am who i am.
Im sorry that you thought i was someone else, and you ended up dissapointed.
Im sorry that i was broken when you found me, and im still trying to heal.
Im sorry that youve had girls before, who do things better than i can.
Im sorry that i speak my mind, and that you dont always want to hear the truth.
Im sorry that i dont quite understand you, and that you get mad when i try to.
Im sorry that boys have hurt me in the past, and you dont want to deal with that.
Im sorry that i am not up to your standards, that im not good enough for you.
Im sorry that you are having a tough time right now, when i am as well.
Im sorry that i joke around, when you obviously dont think its funny.
Im sorry that i like the way i dress, and you dont approve.
Im sorry that i live so far away, and seeing eachother gets hard.
Im sorry that you have to work on the days im free, and i work on the days you are.
Im sorry that im not like all of your other friends.
Im sorry that i dont want to do bad things anymore, when you do.
Im sorry that i worry about you, when someone needs too.
Im sorry that i still want to be in my ex's life, when you dont like the idea of it.
Im sorry that your older than me, and that your moving away soon.
Im sorry that i ever let you take something so special from me, and that you just threw it away.
Im sorry that im tired of trying, and so were you.
Im sorry that i didnt see the point in making this work.
Im sorry that i didnt live up to your expectations.
Im sorry that im not perfect.
Im sorry that your not worth my time.
Im sorry it took so long to figure this out.
Im not sorry.
I am who i am.
And i will never apologize for that.

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