Shattered Emotions

May 1, 2011
By Anonymous

I am happy, joyful, and nothing can spoil my day now
I feel how I did when I first bought my puppy.
All excited and warm inside.
My dad picked me up from school today,
My mom is on her way to Florida.
He had a half frown, and a mere smile,
Something was wrong, but I didn’t know what.
My confidence is starting to fade.
MY dog is very excited to see us,
He jumps and bites; he is going crazy to see me.

In the midst of my homework my dad calls my brothers and me downstairs,
“Bad News” is written all over his face.
At that moment I knew what had happened,
The expression on his face gave it all away.
After 20 years of tough fights and many struggles it has been my grandpa’s time.
I knew it would happen sometime, why now?
Why this soon?
I could feel the tears start to build up behind my eyes,
My brothers hid their deplorable faces beneath their palms
So much hopelessness was swelling in the air above our heads,
Waiting there, as if to keep all the shattered emotions in this room for all eternity.
I could hear depression screaming my name,
The ugly, screeching sound ringing in my ears.
My day has now been completely obliterated
But, my grandpa is now free of pain in heaven,
He is now watching me from the skies above.

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