hope for life

April 25, 2011
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I be a spark of fire in the dark
Rather than a hand full of sand
Last for eternity,
but moves only when wind blows
Life might be short
But I shine all the way though
Given off the light
While the surrounding remains
I choose to stay as a caterpillar
And not leaving my cocoon for the sky
Dragging my body to find a way to survive
But I still have the hope inside
Flying in the sky with no direction to go
Trying to find what’s missing on inside
The flaming candlelight
Radiates its enthusiastic heat
But it could not fill the hole in my mind
I can only chase the feeling
Until the burning sensation
makes me realized it’s all gone
I can see that the candle is dripping tears
While burning away it’s body,
to help me find what’s missing
I have the thought in my head that it will not work
Because what I’m missing is the hope of life

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