Waging Peace...Breath by Breath

April 25, 2011
Breathe in the fresh bruises on a child’s back,

Breathe out a toddler’s laugh.
Breathe in the sadness of death,

Breathe out the joy of life.
Breathe in the sight of a kid being bullied,

Breathe out a scene of justice.
Breathe in a lost first crush,

Breathe out a new perspective on love.
Breathe in the misfortunes of adultery,

Breathe out new truths.
Breathe in the tears of a single mother,

Breathe out a well raised child.
Breathe in the influence of drugs and alcohol,

Breathe out the one who’s above it.
Breathe in the pain of a lost hope,

Breathe out a new dream.
Breathe in the cold of the dark,

Breathe out the warmth of the sun.
Breathe in the loss of a home,

Breathe out a new faith.

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