April 25, 2011
By Dreamerxox BRONZE, East Grinstead, Other
Dreamerxox BRONZE, East Grinstead, Other
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Deepest shades of bloody red,

dribble from my chin.

Wipe away the thick dripping liquid

with ice cold hands, and

stain fingers sticky and red.


Like a traitor...

While eternities fly pass...

Another bite out of succulent flesh

and feel cells, like bubble wrap,

pop between iceberg teeth, like

exploding fireworks -

blue, red...

Purple, black...

bruises beaten into damp,

dripping sides of the fungus

that forgets to take the stains off of the tongue...

Thickened wine – to be lusted after.

Blood spatters on the floor;

clots together in large fleshy masses...

Big dark blobs marking spotless carpet -

marking the spot on a treasure map -

as a bite sends showers of red ink to the ground

in an innocent pitter patter.

Sour juices run down

an addicted throat, gagging

for the drug of a new mouth watering bite,

leaving behind the cavern of Bluebeard’s mischief

in a once fresh mouth, as if

the wives themselves...

May be hidden...

Between blood stained teeth

or hanging from the ceiling of a
Mouth bursting with

heavy perfumes of fruitful snacks

and hypnotic aromas which entice a victim....

to an

Just on left.

A singular morsel left,

to be desired in this

blood thirsty slaughter.

Pick it up with two shaking fingers...

Delicately play with it between them...

Tight, knotted textures, noted and remembered,

of squishy bubbles, writhing and pulsating

in sticky palms.

And sweet smells savoured,

which a sour tongue screams for.

Curiosity squeezes juices out...

makes ends meet, and makes fresh blood

run over snagged fingernails,

but still leaves behind the distorted flesh...

Popped into the mouth...

which dances like a puppet on a tongue...

before swallowed.

I then leave the if the deed was never done.

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