Over rated, Check Mate

April 29, 2011
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No sir, I sure don't need a prince
Please walk on with your tin foil
Or ride away on that black stallion spray painted white
You missed a spot

I can't read minds
but I can tell what's on yours
& it's far from treating me like royalty
Me? The type of girl who wants a fairytale?
Oh no, too predictable & sappy
Sorry to burst your bubble

This castle I'm waiting in,
It's waiting, but not for you
Oh, you'll give me the world, and much more?
Please, I've heard it all before.

You're the type of guy,
Who doesn't see what he has until she leaves
I'll give you the chance to watch me go,
Not the gift of having, holding me
Too good for you, gum drop

I believe in magic, and beauty
None of which you'll present me
That face is pretty, but you're ugly inside
When I snap my fingers they'll take you away
Don't you love my Lack of confidence
Baby I can do so much better than you

Stilts & Pedestals?
They don't make you any taller
You are still you Sweetie
Just now you look stupider than ever

You won't be making a fool out of me
I will not be the puppet and you the puppeteer
Little girl games? I will not participate
Count me out, But I have a proposal for you,
Go play hide & seek, by yourself
Because no one wants to find you

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