You Effect Me

April 11, 2011
With a single glance,
You can…
Hurt me,
Kill me,
Make me beg.
With a single touch,
You set…
My soul on fire,
A chill up my spine,
Slow thrills of please
Throughout my body.
Even with all this you
Are never
Your lips give me
Your hands are apart
Of my life,
Your body is
My sanctuary,
Your laugh makes
My heart beat,
Your voice will be
The death of me,
Your eyes,
So full of life,
Are my chains…
I’ll never break them.
Bind me tightly,
Take me to that
Special place,
Cause no matter what…
There is something about
You that I just can’t get
Enough of.
Devour me
Because I’m yours
To do what you want.
You just effect me.

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ErosFox said...
Oct. 19, 2011 at 10:48 am
One of the words is pleasure... not XD and its really says.. I have loved and I have lost... haha i suc XD
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