April 29, 2011
Right now I feel so alone,
I feel like I have been disowned,
I have no one to hug,
No one to bug,
I try to plead,
But deep down I just want to bleed and bleed,
I sit here on my bunk,
I feel like a flunk,
I look into the dark,
I wish I could just run through the park,
I cry my eyes out,
While I sit here and pout,
I feel all this pain,
Flowing through my veins,
I just want to get out of this place,
So I can have my own space.

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Madelaine said...
Jun. 3, 2011 at 8:55 pm
wow, I can truly relate to this.  Of course my mother didn't send me off to montana at age fifteen, but I am fifteen, and my mother is deeply depressed and losing faith in everything she has taught me.  It's a scary time.  But I hope that it will turn out with a happy ending to a great beginning.
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