Speak Up

April 24, 2011
By Simone21 BRONZE, Bloomington, Minnesota
Simone21 BRONZE, Bloomington, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"Whatever you do in life will be insignificant. But it is important that you do it, because no one else will."

Keep quiet, it's okay
To live in silence for one more day
Just remember to never speak up

For who can know, what your voice will bring
It would be terrible if you use it to sing
Just remember to never speak up

Silence is good, for you can hear
Melodious birds fly through the air
Just remember to never speak up

It's alright, to be scared
What you think, no one cares
So remember to never speak up

But if you must speak up
If it kills you inside
Speak with clarity, sympathy, and most of all, pride.

The author's comments:
If you cannot speak, then smile.

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