i am (#2)

April 24, 2011
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i am absent minded and curious,
i wonder if I'll ever remember things for more than 5 minutes,
i hear the birds and squirrels sing,
i see the wind shatter against buildings,
i want to be free to go anywhere in the world,
i am absent minded and curious.

i pretend that i am older than i am,
i feel curiosity floating around in my head,
i touch my soul as if it were a delicate rose,
i worry about never being happy,
i cry when i lose something i love,
i am absent minded and curious.

i understand life is hard and things are undo able,but,
i say i can try as long as i believe,
i dream there's a place to go to be free,
i try to do everything right in life,
i hope to live a happy life,

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