have you ever wanted

May 22, 2011
By HunnyBun BRONZE, Johnston, Rhode Island
HunnyBun BRONZE, Johnston, Rhode Island
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have you ever wanted a kiss so bad,
you wouldn't tell your dad,
that love you want,
but cannot have,
and as you sit there it taunts,
have you ever wanted that kiss,
that would fill you with bliss,
but yet your jealous,
you want to float around in his mind,
unaffected by the time,
you have liked him for so many years,
so now you ask...
is it love.
he lives so close,
but not close enough to touch,
should you tell him you still like him...
or would that be wrong,
he is with her,
and you are alone,
but have you ever wanted that one kiss so bad,
so tempting,
but you cannot pass that boundary,
so just stay friends for now...
maybe things will change,
he seems to flirt,
and you don't know what feelings lurk,
so wait,
because he might like you too

The author's comments:
i am not sure what to say about this poem. it is just how i feel about a special guy in my life. who i have liked since i was in sixth grade, i am now in ninth grade. so i guess i have liked him for a long time. but i don't know if he likes me back. and recently, i was with him, and i just really got the urge to kiss him... which seemed so strange to me...but i didn't do it. but i think it is possible that i might be in love with him...but he has a girl friend. so i won't pass that boundary

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