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May 15, 2011
By Grayson PLATINUM, West Fulton, New York
Grayson PLATINUM, West Fulton, New York
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Not one day goes by
that I don’t ponder
why I have to live this lie;
forever trapped in this
small world that I call mine.
But everyone one around me
doesn’t seem to mind
that I am stuck.

I must find a place
where life is foreign
and nobody knows my face;
with natural beauty
and a culture full of grace.
Give life new meaning;
create newer dreams to chase.
I must go soon.

I must go soon,
so I don’t miss my chance
at life anew;
at switching up the dance.
I know it’s right,
to leave behind
everything that I knew.
But I won’t forget;
With such great times,
how could I forget?
And if I so choose,
I can return.

Will they really last?
Those brand new feelings,
as future turns into past.
There is no saying but
I know it will be fast;
soon far behind me like
a shadow that was cast.
I’ll have to see…

The author's comments:
This poem is a parody of the song "Love Story."

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