Between Gaps MAG

April 14, 2011
By Anonymous

See the lights gaps
in the spaces between arms and stomachs,
ribs and hearts,
See the light,
floating iridescent,
crystal ships shatter when i walk by,
don't even flinch
when the light is blinding.

See the moon,
diamond bright smiles,
waver when you turn your head away,
bridges collapse,
bend then snap
when you don't return a hand.

See the night sky,
stars shining when you ask for the dance,
black sparkly dresses,
too short,
hollow gaps shown between arms and neck and thighs,
but maybe an eclipse might happen.

See a cloudless sky,
smooth blank blue eyes,
crystal ships breaking through ice,
thighs and ribs and hearts covered,
shielding the sun,
overcast, then black and blue clouds,
when you stand me up.

See a light shining through caves,
all hollowed out,
moon dust sprinkling,
spelling a name that isn't mine,
cracks lay unbandaged,
and bubble like rubber,
and names like stamps,
and names like sirens,
when thighs and arms and hearts are covered.

The author's comments:
I think this goes for whoever would like someone who didn't like them back, or barely knew they existed. (Which, I've been there.)

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