We Were Learning To Make Fire

April 14, 2011
By LesleyAnnette253 SILVER, Buckeye, Arizona
LesleyAnnette253 SILVER, Buckeye, Arizona
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We were learning to make fire,
Our needs and the curiosities of our desires;
The brush of skin and tender lips
Light the passion of this Viking's ship,
Gently rocking out at sea--ocean blue--
While the captain's crew
Snores drunkenly down below.
These needs and curiosities take control,
And this lust filled voyage is ours alone to uphold in the hours
Of the morn'.
These feelings become silent forms,
Taking residence in the beating
Hearts inside our breasts, freeing
Emotions once leashed and felt by none before
As our mingling breaths explore
The passionate moments shared
And the cold of night well fared
By the companionship of each other's soul
And the coming warmth of day, so bold,
Because we were learning to make fire,
Our needs, and the curiosities of our desires.

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