April 14, 2011
By HeelsOverHead BRONZE, Frisco, Texas
HeelsOverHead BRONZE, Frisco, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Whatever you do in life is insignificant, but it is important that you do it"-Ghandi

Hand in hand we took the many steps
Up the rocky hilltop we trekked
The path at times was hidden
On we tread through the dangerous brush
The path was not found, but found us
How out of breath, how thirsty we had become
We wanted to stop, to rest, but no
We pushed forward, past the warning signs
We marked a territory of our own, what a mistake
Far too long did it take us to reach the pinnacle
The view was sculpted purely
Our wearied bodies too exhausted to notice
The beauty was lost, our unawareness consumed
My hand you let go, you stabled yourself
I needed your stability, the earth broke my fall
The view was in hiding until my own breath I could catch
The fall bruised, caused pain, but the result numbed the pangs
On you went, to the other side, the sight lost in your eyes
Awhile I stayed, glaring at the scene, without you I could finally see
The wind helped me up, nature nursed me back
To the other side I made it, feet planted on the ground
The firm foundation of this love kept me in tact
Hard to believe this meant more to me than your hold

The author's comments:
This is an extended metaphor about a really hard relationship I recently went through.

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