If You Sat Still Enough

April 11, 2011
By MissAwefull SILVER, Amesbury, Massachusetts
MissAwefull SILVER, Amesbury, Massachusetts
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If you sat still enough to see,
What I see,
Would you see it clearly?
If you sat still enough to see,
Out of the corner of your eye,
What I see in front of mine,
Would it be the same?

When I'm moving so fast,
I see it.
When I'm running away,
I see it.
When I'm averting my vision,
I see it.
Would you see it?
As clearly as I do?

If you sat still enough,
Just enough to catch its shadow,
Would it amaze you,
Like it does me?
If you sat still enough to see,
Would you see what I see?

The author's comments:
I was out side in my yard when I wrote this. It was really point of veiw type of concept.

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