April 11, 2011
By Dragonrenji BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
Dragonrenji BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
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Who am I to say that you need me?
Who am I to say that you love me?
Who am I to say that you are the one for me?
Who am I to say that you are the
one who will be there for me?

The one who shall protect me
When I’m in danger
The one who will help me when
I need a shoulder to cry on
The one who knows me best
The one that I feel comfortable
telling my life story to
The one who I think that I can trust
The one who I think I know
But deep down you’re not that one

But the one that
will always stand me up
But the one who always breaks my heart
But the one who always finds away to lie to me
But the one who just gets a laugh from it all
When I just sit there and cry

As I cry
As I whine
As I complain
As I wonder why

Wonder and think why
shall this happen to me
Why must I always put up with
Ignorance and hatred that gets thrown
At me. Why do I stay with you?
Why don’t I just leave you.

Just to find that I can’t leave you because
I’m in love with you. Because I feel that I need
you. Because I feel that you’ll change.
Because I feel that somewhere in you
You must love me.

But in the end I find nothing that I didn’t already know
Because I knew you didn’t really care that you
Were just trying to make me feel like someone
Cared. Because I knew that love wouldn’t work between us.
Because I knew that if I wanted to be loved by
you that I’d have to be better then you.

But what you don’t know is that all you did
Was leave me alone and hurt me.
Hurt me to a point that I don’t think
That love exist within me.
That no one really cares for me.
That I must be the one without a true love.

A true love that cares.
A true love that really takes the
time to get to know me.
A true love that will always be there for me.
For you are not my true love.

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