April 11, 2011
Reality- A cruel world full of people who wish they were anywhere but there. Always wanting more. Sin lies on every corner. People constantly competing for the higher point. Where tricks and foolery are but daily routines. Where wars are going on and people are fighting over things that don't matter. Where beliefs are a waste of time. Loneliness haunts the dead and the living. Ice as cold as the dry air atop Everest lingers among the human soul. Everyone is trying to please someone else. Selfishness takes crown and rules. Where Love turns people into cowards. Where death sneaks up on you like a snake in a peaceful meadow. Acting, Faking, and lying. Its a dream-crushing world. A place where “never-land” is just a silly kids dream. Waiting for something great to happen. Waiting for a glimmer of hope to carry you on through the day. Waiting for love. Reality is a scary dark place where innocent children are kept far away from. In hope that today’s children will change the future and make tomorrow’s reality a better place.

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