pain in my world

April 25, 2011
By Rshadows SILVER, Dayton, Pennsylvania
Rshadows SILVER, Dayton, Pennsylvania
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When some one tells you not to do somethings.... that's your key to do it.

Black nails,skinny jeans, hair dyed, and band tees, suicidal thoughts and dreams, it sounds depressing or so it seems, when life is full of lies and hate, all you can do is sit and wait, and hide in dark corners in a mindless state, here you're free of judgement and blame, and the darkness is the only place to hide your shame, you're so unloved and freaking lame, once you sink so low your lame turns to fame, you live in darkness both night and day, though most do not understand, some however may, you form a bond, make a friend, one that will be right beside you untill the very end, yet you live your days in darkness and sit out in the rain, because when you cry and then you cut it can wash away the pain, But at least you're not alone because your friend is there too, doing the very same, the world is full of lies and people's happy lives seems o fake, so i try to stick with the truth, i sit out in the rain with my friend and focus on what's real; that the undeiable pain is all that i can feel.

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