Take My Breath Away

April 25, 2011
By mychamberofsecrets SILVER, Linden, New Jersey
mychamberofsecrets SILVER, Linden, New Jersey
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Dear You,

My mind says I'm done, though my heart tells me the war is not yet won. I think I've finally found the strength to tell you what I've been hiding within & this time I promise not to get upset or simply give in. You only knew of puppy love, just the curiosity but I don't think you fully understand just how much you really mean to me. Emotions & confusion on a roller coaster of delusion. You say one thing & I say another, but why is it so hard for us to be real with each other.? We're masquerading the pain with smiles of deceit. But its almost too clear what's hidden beneath. To you this may not be important, or maybe I'm not worthy of your time. Just remember that moment when we had all this in line. I'm not trying to embarrass you or put you on the spot, but all these confusing mind games really need to stop. The only thing I want to know is how you truly feel. The mind games, mixed messages, Smh what's the deal.? Don't use those same lines that your used to hiding behind.Because like the song says " The truth is all that I can hear, every time you lie." I guess we're both to blame, had I spoken up sooner instead of lying to you. But the thought of hurting you for a third time just broke my heart in two. I promised I'd always be there for you no matter what we went through, & just know that this will always be true. I just hope our friendship won't ever change. Being without you would just be so lame. We can get through this now like we did many times before. Because I know I couldn't survive without you in my life anymore.

Love Forever

- Kayla

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