Let Ya Body Talk

April 25, 2011
By mychamberofsecrets SILVER, Linden, New Jersey
mychamberofsecrets SILVER, Linden, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
The More People Talk About Me The More I Sit Back And Realize, "Sheesh, I Must Really Be Doing Good In Order To Piss That Many People Off."

You say you wish we never did it.

But I beg to disagree.

There had to be something you liked about it.

Or is my imagination just running free.?

We're too old for games, rules or regulations.

So let's stop all this foolishness ,

& continue these sexual relations.

A drunk mind speaks sober thoughts,

but raging hormones & a bottle of Ciroc

can leave a strong girl weak & lost.

But if alcohol can make the body talk.

I wonder what my words can do,

if we leave out second thoughts.

I won't bite. I promise. Im simply harmless.

But I release the beast when it comes to mind sex

I like Barbie & I like Ken. Im just a little freak.

Had Riahhna's rude boy screaming please.

You know how it is when I say let's play.

So just lay back and spread em'

every which way.

Too bad the truth had to come out this way,

but it had to come out someday.

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