When The Rain Stops

April 25, 2011
By mychamberofsecrets SILVER, Linden, New Jersey
mychamberofsecrets SILVER, Linden, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
The More People Talk About Me The More I Sit Back And Realize, "Sheesh, I Must Really Be Doing Good In Order To Piss That Many People Off."

I know you never cry for me, but I do for you.

Hope your blessed in life with someone else

who will cry too.

I dont know what more to say or what else

to ask you for. You've given me all you could, or is

there more.?

Im not selfish or demanding I just want someoene

to tell me why this love is so diffrent from the rest.

I've never hurt so bad or loved so hard.

But I was too quick when it came to letting down

my gaurd.

No longer am I blaming you

just as Jesus said,

"Forgive them for they knoe not what they do."

Maybe one day when we're older

and have grown,

The answer to this question we'll both know.

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