She Lived Through Terrible Times

April 10, 2011
If she was to see today
It would be amazing to see her say
“By golly! What a day!”
I would walk to the store and suddenly wave hi
At friends of another color and quickly say, “Bye!”
She would look at me
Boggled because apparently I’ve gone senile
But when she sees them grin ,
She’ll just ponder for a good, long while
She lived through terrible times

I would walk into a store, and look at the many
And she would stop breathing
How could I have much more than a penny?
When I pick up candy and walk up to a lady
I smile, talk while she becomes shady
The lady was white, so she wouldn’t look up
To meet someone of another race…
She would need some luck
She lived through terrible times

I would take her to Meet–The-Teacher
Hoping I could surprisingly please her
But looking at teachers with smiles plastered on,
She would seem like she wanted to be gone
With tears in her eyes, as well as mine
We would walk away, remembering together
Of how she lived through terrible times

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