What Do You Want?

April 24, 2011
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What do want from me?
To be there more?
I'm there whenever I can be
every spare moment for you
I'll be there more
What more do you want me to do?
Make you happy?
You won't even tell me why you're not
Or you'll say alittle about it and pretend you forgot
The fact that you're unhappy
makes me feel crappy
What more do you want to see?
Me befriending your friends?
not an impossibility
but it's not like I
had a chance
That kind of thing
Is not in my hands
And simply by this list
we aren't meant to be
the short list multiplies mine by 3
All I wanted
is for you to love me
I guess my love's not enough
so you want my soul too
I running around scared
that I can't satisfy you
Anxiety is high
my own happiness is low
so of course
I conclude
I must go
Because right for you
I could never be
because i feel
that you don't love me
for me...

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