April 24, 2011
By NerdGirl18 GOLD, Phillipsburg, New Jersey
NerdGirl18 GOLD, Phillipsburg, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~Elenor Roosevelt~

I feel the ground shake
Shaking with the pounding of hooves
The hooves of many horses
My herd
My family
My kin
I am in the lead
I am like the point of a great arrow
Ahead is a hill
I crest it and come to a creek
We burst through
Spraying the cool, clear water in every direction
We have a destination
We are almost there
Our home
Our land
Where we belong
We arrive
Breathing the cool air
We rest after a long run
We are wild hoses
We are the great mustangs of the west
We are free

The author's comments:
I love animals and I find it very easy to put myself in an animal's perspective...for some odd reason

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