You <3

April 23, 2011
By Anonymous

I like the way you play my favorite song when I’m with you
You don’t even have to think about it
It’s like your running on a cue

You know it’s my favorite song
You’ve heard it many times before
You pick me up from shaky ground
And set me at my door

I like the way you say your sentimental things
Like how you said you thought about me
Last night while watching Glee

We watch my favorite movies Over and over again
Because you know even after all the people have come and go
You’ll still be there with me

You tell me how you’d hold me tight
And make me feel complete
But your heart is still listening for
My heart’s eternal beat

I like the way you make me feel alright
When I’m a mess
Because you say how many times you thought about me that night
And throughout the day

And I like the way you make me say
Baby my heart is yours
But you’ll just have to wait because we’re knocking on heaven’s door

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