The Saddest Words of Tongue and Pen

April 23, 2011
By Anonymous

The saddest words of tongue and pen
Are the words that could have been

Those words,
They could’ve saved me
If I had known someone was out there waiting for me
I probably would have stopped
They could have saved me from myself

But unfortunately,
The time was wrong
I was too far gone,

As she grabs the knife and says good night,
Her world’s about to end
And here she sits typing her words of tongue and pen

I could have had the life I wished for
If your were always there
But you weren’t and I guess that wasn’t fair

I could have been the one you loved,
If you’d have took the time,
But now she sits her writing this,
Line right after line,

But yet again,
The saddest words of tongue and pen
are the ones that could have been

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